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Facebook Full Day Class By SCCI (3 Month Free Revision)

Facebook Full Day Class By SCCI (3 Month Free Revision)

Class to be conducted at : 10 Anson Road International Plaza #13-13 Singapore 079903 (Above Tanjong Pagar MRT)
3 Month Free Revision - (Twice a month Class - Minimum)
For assistance : +65 97291151 or +65 88081278
Duration : 10.30am to 6pm

Upon payment, we will send you a whatsapp within 6hrs to update you on the next class
Class will be conducted on a weekly basis (Half Day) or twice a month (Full day Class)
Student are allow to retake the class (revision) at no cost upon payment for a period of 6 month after completing their first class.

Topics :
Learn how to Protect Your Accounts
Learn how to Secure Potential Customers Data
Learn how to Create Business Pages
Learn how to form Groups
Learn how to post out to hundred of thousand daily without a need to spend a cent
Step By Step For Beginner FB + Advance
Learn 11 Marketing Purpose + Setup
Walkthrough on Creating Powerful Facebook Advert
Targeting Method for New Ads / Product
Facebook Pixel - Learn how to install Pixel for web traffic data tracking and remarketing purposes.
Leads & Sales Funnel - Learn how to create a Conversion Funnel
Event Parameter Codes - Learn how to insert codes on Landing Pages and Websites to increase Leads & Sales conversion.
Effective Audience Targeting - Learn difference between broad and defined audience and how it can be used to improve targeting.
Audience Insights - Learn how to identify audience personas for precise targeting.
Custom Audience and Lookalike Audience - Learn how to use current customer datas and create a target audience with similar attributes for improved Ad results.
Remarketing - Learn how to remarket to all bounced traffics and engagements on Page & Ad.
Audience Overlapping - Learn how to use it to prevent Ad fatigue and maximise Ad reach.
Ad Social Proofing Hack - Learn methods to generate tonnes of likes, comments and shares for your Ad to trigger your viewers interest.
Marketing Automation - Learn how to automate your entire Facebook Marketing process and push your traffics towards conversion goals.
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